Nova Scotia Summer: A Horticultural Epic Tour

On-line presentation

In the summer of 2016, speaker Sean James and his team went to Guysborough, NS to install an eco-landscape and came back, and went down and came back… and so on. This resulted in upgrading an incredibly biodiverse 120-year-old mill pond. Along the way, they visited a litany of botanical gardens… and more. At a […]

Foodscaping with Grains

On-line presentation

Best-selling author and lifelong home gardener Brie Arthur has fine-tuned her signature gardening technique of Foodscaping. This sustainable practice of landscape design embraces beauty and bounty. Brie aims to inspire you to think creatively about planting your favorite edibles alongside trees, shrubs, and flowers to maximize the space you grow in. Learn how to pair […]

Tomatoes: From Seeds to Salsa

On-line presentation

Master Gardener Judith Cox will talk on how to start your tomatoes from seed, grow them on, deal with pests and diseases and enjoy! Tomatoes are wonderful in the garden. Judith will take us through the growing process from starting seeds, dealing with diseases and pests and onto the harvest. What is the difference between […]

A Garden for the Birds

On-line presentation

Wild birds are currently facing a multitude of threats across North America and many bird species are in decline. Master Gardener Julianne Labreche will review the most common threats and provide gardeners with some practical, positive ways to encourage birds to visit our gardens and make our gardens more bird friendly year-round. Julianne Labreche has […]

OHS Plant Auction and Sale

We're optimistic that this year will see the return of our in person plant auction and sale.  Stay tuned for details!

Why We Love Annuals!

On-line presentation

From small and sweet to big and bold, annuals with their wide variety of shapes and colours can add personality and character to any garden. Many of them play the useful role of attracting pollinators while others offer a unique twist to your dinner plate, not to mention their role in making stunning containers and […]

Growing Grit: Designing Beautiful, Biodiverse and Resilient Gravel Gardens

On-line presentation

A grant from the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation a few years ago allowed Ben to begin exploring different approaches for creating resilient perennial plantings in urban public spaces. The Growing Grit project let him undertake real-world experiments using the novel European approaches to sustainable urban plantings.  Techniques such as growing plants in deep mineral mulches […]

Endangered Native Medicinal Plants

On-line presentation

Come join Penelope Beaudrow as she shares her heart’s work with us!  As the recipient of the 2021 United Plant Savers Conservation award, she will bring her unique perspective as a Registered Herbalist and Land Steward of Kina Gegoo Botanical Sanctuary to this talk.  A significant part of her work, which she will share, is […]