Nature’s Best Hope

Speaker: Doug Tallamy Livestreaming on You TubeRecent headlines about global insect declines and three billion fewer birds in North America are a bleak reality check about how ineffective our current landscape designs have been at sustaining the plants and animals that sustain us.  Such losses are not an option if we wish to continue our current […]

Development of Early Botanical Gardens in Canada

Presenter:  David Galbraith The story of the early development of botanical and large public gardens in Canada has been largely overlooked by historians. A few existing gardens with 19th century roots are well known, like the Halifax Public Gardens and the gardens at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa. Nearly all other extant botanical gardens in […]

Preserving the Harvest

This talk and demonstration by OHS member and Master Gardener Rebecca Last  will describe ways to preserve the harvest.  It will cover drying (drying herbs; dehydration of fruits and vegetables); cooking; canning (preserves – jams, jellies, chutneys); vinegars; freezing; and curing. Rebecca has been gardening on and off since age 8, and has been a […]

An Engineer’s Approach to Houseplant Care

If you follow traditional houseplant advice, you'll be left with disappointment because your plant is no longer "perfect". The House Plant Journal approach breaks down the barriers to true, long-lasting enjoyment of houseplants - when you understand how plants work, you can gain a deeper appreciation for their character and more acceptance of how they'll […]

Reimagining Cities

On-line presentation

We’ve always shared our gardens, our cities, even our own bodies with other species. But our approach to designing and caring for public urban spaces has been human-centric. What if we were to reimagine cities as multispecies assemblages? How might multispecies thinking change our approach to sustainable urban (and garden) design? Speaker Joyce Hostyn is […]

Annual General Meeting

On-line presentation

This year's Annual General Meeting will once again be held virtually.  Hopefully next year we will once again be able to meet and socialize. If you plan to attend the AGM please email to register.  The link to the meeting will be sent to everyone registered in advance of the meeting.