Join the OHS!

Membership in the OHS is $15 for an individual and $20 for a family.  The membership year runs from September to August.  New members joining in June or later will become members for the remainder of the year and the whole of the next year.  In addition to supporting the work of the OHS, being a member brings several benefits.

At the end of the form you will have a choice to pay by cheque or through Stripe.  If you select Stripe it will also give you the option to pay  directly with a credit card or bank card.


A quarterly newsletter is published, filled with informative articles and photographs to interest and inform gardeners of all abilities and backgrounds. The newsletter is available exclusively to members on the OHS website for six months.  Check out an example of the newsletter here.

Shows and Competitions

The OHS holds one or two horticultural shows each year in conjunction with the regular monthly meeting.  Depending on the show, members have a chance to exhibit plants, flowers, vegetables and floral arrangements.  Some shows are officially judged, others are judged by the members. The annual photographic competition is open to members, also with both professional judging and “people’s choice” awards. A variety of prizes and trophies are awarded each year at the Annual General Meeting.


Several local nurseries offer a discount of 10% to members who show a valid membership card.

Garden Tours

Garden tours are organized for members on two or three evenings in the summer.    The tours can be of public gardens with a guide, or of members gardens.  This is a great opportunity to be inspired by what others have done, and also to mix informally with other members