OHS Virtual Flower Show 2020 : Results

Highest aggregate in Division 1: 

Tuula Talvila

Highest Aggregate in Division 2:

Lori Ray

Best in Show:

Harvest Basket: Lori Ray

Section A: Indoor Plants

Best in Section:  Orchid: Jeanie Mark-DiGiacomo

 Class A 1:  Flowering Plants

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Class A 3: Cactus or Succulent

Section B: Outdoor Ornamental Plants


Best in Section: Hibiscus: Maureen Mark


 Class B 5:  Single Bloom

Class B 6:  Spray of Blooms

Class B 7:  Spire of Blooms

Class B 8:  Ornamental Foliage

Section C: Edibles


Best in Section: (tied)

‘Mortgage Lifter’: Maureen Mark                               ‘Mountain Magic’ : Tuula Talvila

Class C 9: Tomatoes

Class C 11:  Other Vegetables: 3 specimens of the same

Class C 12:  Berries or other small fruits: 3 specimens of the same

Class C 13:  Any other fruit: 2 specimens of the same

Class C 15:  Funky fruit or vegetable:  1 specimen, unusual shape

Section D: Special Exhibits, Collections


Best in Section: Harvest Basket: Lori Ray 

 Class D 18:  Annual planter designed by exhibitor, with at least 3 kinds of annuals

Class D 21:  Harvest bounty, a collection of fruit and vegetables displayed in a basket