The Ottawa Horticultural Society is made up of over 300 members who share a love of gardening.  Although the growing season in  the National Capital Region can seem short at times, it provides plenty of time for growing all sorts of plants, shrubs and trees.

Gardening 101

Whether you are interested in building a garden for annuals, perennials, vegetables or a mix, the following articles prepared by OHS member Sheila Burvill provide some of the fundamentals that you need to get started.  They are designed to be read as a series but can also be used as reference on a specific topic.

Gardening 101  Lesson 1. Soil

Gardening 101  Lesson 2. Analysis

Gardening 101 Lesson 3. Kinds of Plants

Gardening 101 Lesson 4. Garden Design Part 1

Gardening 101 Lesson 5. Clean-up and Preparing for Winter

Gardening 101 Lesson 6. Garden Design, Part 2

Gardening 101 Lesson 7. Choosing Plants

Gardening 101 Lesson 8. Tools and How to Use Them

Gardening 101 Lesson 9. Planting

Gardening 101 Lesson 10. Feeding and Weeding

Gardening 101 Lesson 11. Lawns and Vegetables

Gardening 101 Lesson 12. Armchair Gardening

Gardening Questions?

MGLOGOgreen If you have a gardening or plant identification question, ask a Master Gardener: e-mail: phone:   613-236-0034     To sign up for Trowel Talk, a monthly garden advice e-newsletter from Ottawa-Carleton Master Gardeners, e-mail