The Soul of the Garden: Webinar

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Date(s) - 27/10/2020
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

In his presentation The Soul of the Garden, Paul Zammit takes a closer look at why we garden and what gardens mean beyond a collection of plants. Paul also explores the possibilities of gardens both from an aesthetic and personal perspective.

Paul is a graduate of the University of Guelph and is a professor of Horticulture at Niagara College.  Prior to joining the faculty, he held the position of the Director of Horticulture at the Toronto Botanical Garden for 10 years.  He is a passionate and energetic gardener and lover of nature who has been delivering presentations across Canada, throughout the US and internationally in countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Bermuda and South Africa for over 25 years.  For the past five years Paul has been providing gardening advice on the CBC Here and Now radio program.  In 2017, Garden Making magazine selected Paul and his wife as two of Canada’s top 20 people shaping gardens across Canada.    Paul was also the recipient of the 2019 Garden Communicator of the Year award from Landscape Ontario.

Hear Paul’s own description of his talk on the OHS You Tube Channel!

There is no registration required and the presentation will be a free Webinar.  This would normally have been an in person meeting and part of our main membership drive, so if you watch the presentation please consider supporting future activities through renewing your membershipjoining the OHS for $15/yr, or making a donation.  

How to view the presentation

To join the presentation, please click on this You Tube link to go to the OHS You Tube Channel.   To simply watch the presentation there is nothing else you need to do.  The presentation will also be recorded and available at this link afterwards. The easiest way to find the channel is using the link; if you are on You Tube and do a search please use Ottawa Horticultural Society (we aren’t the only ones that use OHS as an acronym!)

Starting the video

Once you are on the site, you must click on the rectangle of the video to start watching.   Until 7:30 you will see a screen that says the presentation will begin at 7:30 p.m., so please be patient.

If you think you may want to ask a question

There will be a Q &A session at the end of the presentation when your questions submitted will be put to Paul by the moderator.  There are two ways to ask your questions during the presentation.

  1. You can put your question in the live chat panel on the YouTube page while the presentation is running. To make a comment, you need to be registered and have a personal Youtube channel. Steps to do this are described below.

It was previously stated that you needed to subscribe to the channel — that is not the case.

  1. If you don’t wish to register, you can still watch the video and can email a question during the presentation to

How to create a personal channel

 Follow these instructions to create a channel that only you can manage using your Google Account. 

  1. Sign in to YouTube from a Google account on a computer or using the mobile site.
  2. Try any action that requires a channel, such as uploading a video, posting a comment, or creating a playlist.
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  4. Check the details (with your Google Account name and photo) and confirm to create your new channel.

Give us feedback!

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