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Reimagining Cities

November 23, 2021 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

We’ve always shared our gardens, our cities, even our own bodies with other species. But our approach to designing and caring for public urban spaces has been human-centric. What if we were to reimagine cities as multispecies assemblages? How might multispecies thinking change our approach to sustainable urban (and garden) design?

Speaker Joyce Hostyn is a rewilder who dreams of city streets lined with fruit and nut trees, wild parks and wild yards. Raised on a farm where her family grew, foraged and preserved enough produce to last the year, Joyce is now exploring what it means to be in conversation with the edible forest garden on her lawn-free quarter acre lot (featured in the Kingston Whig Standard). A Master Gardener and Permaculture Designer, Joyce coaches people on foodscaping and wildscaping as a new approach to gardening in a changing climate. She helped design and plant Kingston’s first two public food forests, is co-founder of Little Forests Kingston, and now has her sights set on afforesting our city with Indigenous Little Forests.

Photo Credit: Nigel Dunnett: Grey to Green.The Grey to Green scheme in Sheffield is the UK’s largest retro-fit SuDS project, and also the UK’s largest inner city ‘Green Street’.

This presentation will be a free Webinar.  There is no registration required.  A recording will be available for members only for 14 days after the presentation. 

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How to view the presentation

To join the presentation, please click on this You Tube link to go to the OHS You Tube Channel.   To simply watch the presentation there is nothing else you need to do.  The presentation will also be recorded and available at this link afterwards. The easiest way to find the channel is using the link; if you are on You Tube and do a search please use Ottawa Horticultural Society (we aren’t the only ones that use OHS as an acronym!)

Starting the video

Once you are on the site, you must click on the rectangle of the video to start watching.   Until 7:30 you will see a screen that says the presentation will begin at 7:30 p.m., so please be patient.

If you think you may want to ask a question

There will be a Q &A session at the end of the presentation when your questions submitted will be put to the speaker by the moderator.  There are two ways to ask your questions during the presentation:

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  2. If you don’t wish to register, you can still watch the video and can email a question during the presentation to  info@ottawahort.org

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November 23, 2021
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


On-line presentation