July Garden Tour

Photo credits: Laurie Graham and Anne Johnston

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Jan Carkner

Suzanne Carr

Dorothy Levine

Hope Garden

Anne Johnston hybridizing allotment

“I became interested in hybridizing daylilies after Jocelyn Bertrand from Artemisia Daylilies spoke at an OHS meeting in 2010. His presentation opened my eyes to the possibilities that are beyond the traditional daylilies we grow in our gardens. To start, I asked Jocelyn make some specific crosses for me and I purchased the seeds; a service Artemisia Daylilies offers. From those seeds came some seedlings that turned out to be great parents. Since then, I have purchased dozens of daylilies to incorporate in my breeding program. In the winter, I germinate seeds indoors and plant the seedlings outside in May; these seedlings produce flowers the following year. I keep good records for every seedlings which include scape height, size of flower, branching, bud count and lots and lots of photographs. It’s a labour of love and sometimes insanity, but there no feeling like seeing a seedling’s first blooms.  I am mostly interested in purples, violet, fancy edges and high contrast colours. ”  As Anne’s daylilies are still “in development” they are not named as yet.