2018 Garden Tours: Photo Album

Our garden tours for members kicked off in June with presentations of the Museum of Nature’s Landscapes of Canada gardens as well as the garden developed by Bill Brown and John McKinven’s garden on Argyle Street.   This shady urban garden encompasses the sidewalk and provides cool greenery, as well as offering up a Little Free Library, Adirondack chairs, and a bench to encourage a pause in busy lives.  It has brought residents and passersby together and is appreciated for its welcoming and informal atmosphere in the way that it encourages passersby to slow and look or stop and talk; turning what began as a private affair into a very public one.   The photos of both stops on June’s garden tour can be found here.

In July, OHS members had the opportunity to visit the gardens of three members in the Alta Vista area, and also to visit two special allotments at the Kilborn Allotment Gardens.   Thanks to Jan Carkner, Suzanne Carr and Dorothy Levine for opening up your gardens for our viewing pleasure.  At the Kilborn allotments, we were able to visit the volunteer run Hope Garden, a 7000 sq ft organic garden which supplies the Shepherds of Good Hope’s soup kitchen and supportive housing meal programs. This garden has been up and running since the early 2000’s and after so many years of care yields between 5000 and 7000 lbs of veggies each year.  We also were able to see Anne Johnston’s hybridizing garden, where at any given time there are about 700 unique flowering daylilies plus another 400 or so that are only in their first year.   Check out the photos!

Finally in August members enjoyed a summer gathering and picnic at Alain Decelles’ property Resort Lac-Ste-Marie.  A chance to tour the gardens and the resort was combined with the opportunity to relax and chat with other members.