2017 Garden Tours: Photo Album

In June, OHS and OVRGS members had the pleasure of visiting gardens in Ottawa South.  These include the winners in the Trillium Award: Sharon Platt; Mildred Austin (curbside viewing only); and Vanhurst Place traffic islands.   The Trillium Awards and the George L. Myles Trophy have been awarded annually since Canada’s centennial in 1967 to outstanding front gardens in the postal code area designated for that particular year. The purpose is to recognize efforts by citizens to beautify Ottawa neighborhoods through their gardens. as well as members gardens.   In addition members had a chance to see the gardens of Barbara Horger and Kenella Johnston in Vanhurst Place, and of Rosemary Campbell and Linda Nishikawa.  Check out the photos!

In July there was a special outing to the garden of Ken Berris in Cantley, Quebec, with a great display of massive plants and impressive foliage.

Finally, in August – despite severe weather warnings earlier in the day — members had the opportunity of visiting the gardens of Josie Pazdzior, Janet and Mark Kelly, and Julianne Labreche,  as well as visiting the extensive front yard of Paul Wise and Kaori Sakurai.

Many thanks to Jennifer Mix for organizing the tours this year and to all our hosts for graciously opening up their gardens for OHS members.

Photo credits:  Laurie Graham, Josie Pazdzior, Rob Huntley and Jennifer Mix.