125 Anniversary Project

The Ottawa Horticultural Society (OHS) has joined with the Friends of the Central Experimental Farm on a special project to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Confederation and the 125th Anniversary of the OHS.   The project recognizes the importance of hybridization in the development of plants for the Canadian climate and how the Central Experimental Farm played an important part in promoting horticulture in the last hundred years.

The first phase of the project recognizes significant achievements in hybridization, and specifically the work of three hybridizers: Isabella Preston (lilacs), Felicitas Svejda (Explorer roses), and A.P. Saunders (peonies).  Plaques recognizing the work of each of them, as well as the importance of hybridization in Canada, have been installed at the pergola in the ornamental garden at the Central Experimental Farm and include QR codes that link to more information on each of the hybridizers as well as the importance of hybridization.

Full details of the project can be found here.