The auction & sale is live starting at 9:00 am on Thursday, September 3rd and closes at 5:00 pm on Saturday, September 12th. 

The link to the auction site is

At any time, you can view the items without creating an account but to bid on auction items or purchase plants you will need to create an account. Try to do so before the auction starts so that you’re all ready to go as soon as it opens and are familiar with how the features on the site work!

Note that auction plants have the prefix “A” followed by the item number and name; non-plant auction items have the prefix “AN”, and plants that are available for immediate purchase without bidding are prefixed with an “S” for sale plants. Don’t miss out! Early-birds will get the worms with the “S”-labelled plants.

Items are grouped on the site according to these prefixes; there is also a drop-down menu where you can see items arranged in other ways (e.g. garden art, indoor plants, irises, etc.) and other tools you can use to tag items you’re interested in and follow items you are bidding on. You will receive emails when an item you’re bidding on gets a higher bid from someone else so you can go increase your bid.

Even if you don’t wish to purchase or bid on anything, please consider making a donation to the OHS. There is a button on the site (top right) to do so and tax receipts will be issued. Thank-you.

After the auction closes:

You will receive an email notifying you that you have won an item when the auction closes. A winning bid is a commitment to pay for and collect your items.

All auction & sale items are to be picked up by the winning bidders and purchasers on Sunday, September 13th, from 12-3 pm at the park connected to the Tom Brown Arena parking lot (141 Bayview Station Rd, Ottawa, ON K1Y 4T1, at the corner with Albert/Scott). Parking available. Please practise physical distancing and wear your face mask.

Please bring your item numbers and names of items, and proof of payment. Payment can be made through PayPal on the auction website. Credit card/debit payments will also be accepted at the time of pick-up, as well as cheques. No cash please – we are trying to be as contactless as possible.